Rules & Expectations

Our Commitment

New HYTEs is committed to providing structured, productive, respectful, calm and safe environment. We strive to honor your commitment and our mission to improve your child’s tennis development, academic performance and wellness; in order to accomplish these goals we must know that our students are fully committed to behaving respectfully towards one another, our New HYTEs staff and volunteers.


TEaM scholars are expected to engage in a positive and productive manner conducive to learning and training in a safe environment. Staff, Coaches, and Mentors, must be treated with respect and consideration. Cooperative and appropriate behavior is expected on the tennis court and in the academic activities.

Rules and Expectations

Students and their parents/guardians agree to abide by the following rules and expectations:

1. Arrive promptly for each session with all necessary supplies and equipment including a tennis racquet, suitable shoes and clothing, a water bottle and sunscreen

2. Refrain from bringing any outside food or beverages unless granted permission to do so by New HYTEs staff

3. Comply with the directions of New HYTEs staff and volunteers

4. Be respectful of oneself and all others, including displaying good sportsmanship and exhibiting honesty and integrity

5. Give 100% effort and exhibit a positive attitude

6. Comply with the attendance policy of the specific program

7. Pick up student promptly at the conclusion of each session